the imaginal studio


Hi! I’m Ria and I am a novice musician, producer and writer. I am also training to become a counsellor and plan to specialise in mental health in the music industry someday. 

I created the imaginal studio as a home to share my work and process, talk about things I care about and hopefully help other novice musicians along the way…

I have also created the love your evolution blog as a place to explore the challenges and issues we face as musicians and share ideas on how to overcome these.

I want the imaginal studio to be a place of authenticity, where we can collaborate and share experiences – flaws and all. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and wisdom, I would love to invite you to collaborate!

Who knows what this will evolve into?

Reaching your dreams is a journey, full of beautiful and challenging moments that make it happen. It is a process to be embraced, patiently and with trust that you will get there. It is a stretch of time that belongs to you, so, you know – just enjoy it.