love your evolution blog

First and foremost – I am not an expert. Nor am I a specialist in my field. I am pretty much at the beginning of the road when it comes to what I am trying to achieve. But I thought I would share the journey I am on and hope this blog might help others like me who are navigating the complex and pressured world of creativity.

Secondly, this is not a ‘how to’ blog or a series of tutorials. It is a place where we can, together, explore – and hopefully overcome – the challenges we face as amateur musicians and artists working towards our dreams.

chasing ‘perfection’

We were taught quite young that our life is made up of goals. Things we need to achieve in order to be happy. That there is an end result if we just keep pushing and progressing toward our chosen destination. That life will be perfect – just as soon as we reach that dream…

So we rush to get there. And when we do, we realise that nothing really changed. Because we spent all that time focusing on the end goal instead of actually enjoying the journey.

It leaves us living our day to day life in a state of discontentedness. Like we aren’t quite worthy until we reach a state of perceived “perfection”. Almost putting our happiness on hold until we get there. 

That’s not to dismiss the feeling of achievement when we do reach our goals – if we didn’t experience this, life would be a bit lonely and boring – and we certainly wouldn’t evolve the way us humans love to!

But it won’t change our innermost emotional state of being. Past hurts, insecurities, heartbreak – they will still exist. And we are sitting there confused – I made it! So why do I still feel like this? 

use your learning time as a healing process

Maybe we need to put more care into the journey. Take our time and learn to enjoy the process of getting to our destination. Working through our healing while we progress instead of hoping – expecting – the end result (often a material thing) to make us happy.

Then, when we do reach these milestones in life, we will be joined by a balanced heart. We will arrive having lived and loved every moment of the time it takes to get there. We won’t be disappointed that those dreams (that we worked so very hard for) didn’t actually fix our issues. Because we will have healed them ourselves along the way. 

That’s what this blog will be about – an exploration into how to take care of our minds, hearts and souls as growing artists. It is about deciding to enjoy the process of learning and evolving as an artist, a human, a spirit.

I will be exploring mental health, common traits that hold us back (and how we could overcome them), resources to help the learning process and other interesting industry topics; inviting other musicians and experts to share their experiences and advice.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me and I look forward to sharing some blogs with you over the coming months!

If you are interested in collaborating with me on this, either as part of a blog piece or in my forthcoming podcast, please get in touch.

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified mental health specialist and this blog does not provide professional support services. Everything I write about is exploratory, based on mine or my peers experiences, views, theories and ideas. If you feel like you would benefit from specialist mental health support there are some great organisations you could link in with such as Music Minds Matter and Help Musicians, or check out your local professional support services.